about me

Oriane Verstraeten is a Belgian photographer based in Antwerp. Since a very young age she was intrigued by the skate & surf culture. Oriane loves a good mix of color and black & white film. Exciting adventures , 80s music & documenting the people that inspire her. Oriane likes to combine fashion & documentary in one story, where she is always on the lookout for the beauty in imperfection. After finishing as a summer graduate at Central Saint Martin, London she decided to focus on analogue photography complemented by strong digital skills. Oriane her style can be best described as a pure vision with a surreal dimension. Travelling between Antwerp, Paris & Capetown she loves to shoot a mix of streetstyle & studio. Represented by Initials LA - Benelux For further inquiries - lise@initials-la.comRepresented by Disco Creatives - South Africa For further inquiries - janice@discocreatives.co.za Direct contact  - oriane.verstraeten@gmail.com

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